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Carats vs. Karats

First things first, if someone offers you a 10 karat ring or a 10 carat diamond, take the diamond. The ring might be worth $100, the diamond $100,000. (disclaimer: this kind of offer rarely happens) What is a carat? A carat is a unit of weight principally used for measuring diamonds and gemstomes. Each carat [...]

Turning Old Gold Into New Memories

What Would You Do With a Little Extra Cash? Having served thousands of customers all across Canada, our gold buyers get to hear all sorts of different stories from many clients about how they acquired their items, where they came from and how long they've been sitting around. But often it's the story about what [...]

Investing in Gold Bullion in Canada

Not only do we buy your old gold, but we also sell it in bullion form. Learn more about investing in gold bullion in Canada in this short video. Visit here for our Buying Prices. Visit here for our Selling Prices. Stirling: and you also by the way Greg; sell gold and silver coins in [...]

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